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As an Alumni Association, we are constantly in contact with the Huron University College Students’ Council (HUCSC) and hear about their upcoming plans. One of the systemic challenges they want to address is the inequity of the fees (e.g., uniforms, meals, administration fees, etc.) that are associated with being an Orientation Week volunteer. The Alumni Association is very keen to work with the HUCSC to address this and to help ensure every student can participate, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are re-running the ‘Adopt-a-Soph’ program again in 2023! For every $100 raised, we will be able to support one Huron Soph to participate in O-Week and bring their best to welcoming the incoming Class of 2027. We challenge you to join us in meeting our goal of 54 Soph sponsorships before our deadline of August 15. Each and every gift makes a difference! Can we count on you?

We invite you to join us in this challenge and to help us meet our goal of 54 sponsorships by OWeek 2023!

Thank you!

Reflections and
Words of Encouragement

Thank you for your dedication to Huron & helping the new class feel right at home!
-Trevor Sookraj (2017 Soph)

Sophing is something that you will remember for the rest of your life – enjoy it! Some of the friendships I made with other Sophs (Huron and others) and students have become lifelong friends. No matter how tired you get, keep having fun!
-Brett Wiepjes

One of the greatest weeks in the university experience! Sophs provide an important support for all new students! 
-Sandra Datars Bere